Dental Bridges

When a patient has a missing tooth or a gap, applying a dental bridge is a common option. The dental bridge is a fake tooth to fill in the missing area. Without correction, the patient may experience pain from the shifting of the remaining teeth.
The dental bridge will utilize the two surrounding teeth as anchors to keep the bridge work in place. With most dental bridge applications, encasing the fake tooth and two surrounding teeth with porcelain crowns will provide protection and fuse the area together. Most dentists use one of three forms of dental bridges.
1. The traditional fixed bridge fuses the two anchors and the newly implanted tooth together with the use of porcelain crowns. The traditional bridge application is the most common and widely used among dentist.
2. Applying the cantilever bridge occurs when teeth are only available on one side of the gap.
3. A resin-bonded bridge or a Maryland bonded bridge utilizes metal bands or wings to bond to the existing surrounding teeth.
What to Expect
Applying dental bridges requires more than one visit to the Cuero Dentistry office. The first visits allow for the preparation of the surrounding teeth. The teeth may need resurfacing to allow space for the application of the porcelain crown. During this visit, making impressions will allow for the porcelain crown to be formed at the laboratory. Dr. Elhosary will place a temporary bridge to protect the teeth until the porcelain crown arrives from the lab.
During the second visit, Dr. Elhosary will begin by removing the temporary bridge. Replacing the area with the permanent dental bridge, the doctor will work to provide a comfortable fitting formation. Follow up visits may be necessary to adjust the bridge work for a proper fitting.

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