Porcelain Crowns

Allowing for reformation of damaged tooth, a porcelain crown will encompass the entire visible area of the tooth. Unlike traditional fillings, the porcelain crown creates an entirely new surface for the tooth acting as a protective shell. By restoring and reforming the damaged tooth, the porcelain crown will actually improve the cosmetics of the tooth.
What to Expect
Applying a porcelain crown may take more than one visit to Cuero Dentistry. Dr. Elhosary begins by taking an impression to form the porcelain crown. The procedure may require a portion of a tooth to be removed for a proper fit. The dental impression is sent to a lab to ensure a proper fitting porcelain crown. Prior to the end of the first visit, the doctor applies a temporary crown to protect the patient's tooth between applications.
Upon receiving the permanent porcelain crown from the laboratory, the patient will return for the final fitting. Removing the temporary crown, Dr. Elhosary will proceed with fitting the patient with the durable, long-lasting porcelain crown. Prior to securing the porcelain crown into place, the dentist will ensure the patient has a comfortable fit with a color matching the existing teeth.

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