Root Canal Therapy

A deep cavity or crack can create an infection inside of the tooth. Root canal therapy or endodontic treatment involves the removal of the pulp and nerves within the infected tooth. The process allows the area to be cleaned, saving the tooth. After teeth fully emerge from the gum line, the pulp, and nerves within the teeth are expendable. Without root canal therapy, bacteria may continue to build up in the root tip and slowly spread to the surrounding bone. Resulting in pain and swelling of the area, the infected tooth may need to be removed.
Root canal therapy has a high success rate. In some cases, the procedure will save the tooth for the rest of a patient's life. Prior to treatment, a patient may experience severe tooth pain, a high rate of sensitivity to hot and cold, discoloration of the tooth and swollen gums. After the treatment, the tooth will no longer experience these dental issues.
What to Expect
Your Cuero TX dentist will begin by making the patient comfortable. Making an opening in the crown of the tooth, the dentist will open the pulp chamber. The open chamber will receive a thorough cleaning. The final step of the process is placing a filling or crown over the tooth. In some cases, the root canal therapy may require more than one visit. If multiple visits are required, a temporary filling is placed on the tooth until the final process. Upon completion, the tooth will resemble the original tooth structure.

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