Dental Exams and X-Rays

Scheduling regular dental examinations and X-Rays are vital for maintaining a healthy smile. By participating in regular recommended six-month checkups as outlined by The Academy of General Dentistry, an individual can reduce the risk of dental emergencies. An unscheduled visit to Cuero Dentistry due to a dental emergency can negatively affect a person's health and financial budget.
What to Expect
Depending on the last dental visit, Dr. Elhosary may require a significant amount of time to view all aspects of a patient's current oral health. A first time visitor will be given a comprehensive dental evaluation. Starting with a complete medical history, we will evaluate any medical issues or illnesses that may impact a patient's oral health.
How It's Done
With either the first time visitor or a regular patient, Dr. Elhosary begins with an oral examination. The first stage of the process requires minimal equipment including mouth mirrors to achieve a clearer picture from all angles, dental tools, and high-intensity lights. He will examine, evaluate and screen for different oral problems:
1. Checking for any types of cracks, holes or decay.
2. Screening for oral cancer.
3. Evaluating gums for any signs of disease.
4. Checking pre-existing dental work.
Along with the oral exam, the doctor will follow the process with diagnostic X-Rays. The use of X-Rays helps in revealing any underlying problems that may occur below the gum line.
Generally, two types of X-Rays are part of the dental examination. Depending on the time frame from a patient's last visit, the Bitewing X-Ray is given every 12 months. Every 3-5 years, patients are given a full panographic X-Ray which requires the machine to revolve around the entire head. Each is vital for keeping good dental health.

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